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Version 1.03

  • What is The Meme Mint League?
    The Meme Mint League is a weekly event hosted by The Meme Mint where NFT holders have a chance to win some cash from the Community Wallet. It runs on a custom Discord bot that is a battle royale bot very similar to the popular bot, Rumble Royale. Participants will be able to win cash from the weekly tournaments as well as the ability to unlock new "Characters" for each play session. More details to be revealed soon!
  • When will The Meme Mint League launch?
    The first prize round is scheduled for 2/19/23 after the mint of The GigaChad Coin Collection. We will be holding test sessions in our Discord leading up to the date however!
  • How can I join the event?
    You can join by following these steps: 1. Hold either a GigaChad Coin or Medallion NFT. 2. Join our official Discord server here. 3. Connect your NFT to our Discord by following the steps in the "Connect-NFT" channel. 4. Your NFT will assign you one of three Discord roles based on it's rarity, "Bronze Division", "Silver Division", or "Gold Division". These roles will give you access to a corresponding channel on Discord where the event will take place. 5. Take note of the schedule we post on Discord to know when your League game will begin. 6. Enter your division and react to The Meme Mint bot to enter!
  • What's the difference between the 3 divisions?
    The prize pool is evenly split between the 3 divisions. The only difference is the amount of participants per division. Gold division participants have the highest odds of winning, followed by silver, then bronze.
  • Which division does my NFT belong to?
    Meme Mint Medallions: All Divisions The GigaChad Coin Collection: Tungsten & Gold coins - Gold Division Tungsten & Silver coins - Silver Division Tungsten & Copper coins - Bronze Division
  • Can I join multiple divisions?
    Each Discord user could potentially join each division if they hold NFTs that grant them access to each Discord division role. Holding multiple NFTs of the same division do not grant multiple entries.
  • How is the prize-pool divided?
    Each division will play 3 rounds per week with the rounds goings in order from 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place. Below is an example of how the weekly prize-pool is divided:
  • How is the total prize-pool calculated?
    The prize-pool is calculated based on the current holdings of the Community Wallet. Once per month the wallet is budgeted to account for 6 months of giveaways. This budgeting will determine the minimum prize-pool for the following 4 weeks. Exceptions would be special events, such as the Inaugural Game where the prize pool is much larger than usual.
  • How will network will the prize be sent over?
    At time of writing the prizes will be awarded as USDT over the bep-20 network.
  • Will there ever be additional prizes besides USDT?
    Absolutely! We plan to giveaway some additional prizes from collaborations and other sources in the future.
  • How do I redeem my prize if I win?
    Winners will receive a virtual ticket on our Discord server after they win that they can redeem by opening a support ticket on Discord. Staff will award your prize after being provided a wallet address to send it to. In the event that you do not claim your prize immediately, it shall be redeemable for up to 30 days.
  • What is the "Exclusive Access" all about?
    We plan to allow every NFT collection released by The Meme Mint to have access to The Meme Mint League. In the beginning, GigaChad Coin and Medallion holders will have exclusive access to The Meme Mint League. More participants will be able to join starting April 2023.
  • How long will The Meme Mint League run?
    We'll do our best to keep the League running as long as possible. We're monthly budgeting our prize pool to allow for up to 6 months of giveaways with a minimum prize-pool of $60. If the wallet ever hits this level then the League will have 6 months remaining until the wallet is replenished. The Meme Mint reserves the right to end the League at any time but only if replaced of the community wallet is exhausted.
  • What are the risks?
    Participation in the League is voluntary and a free service given to all holders of our NFTs. If used as intended there is little risk of losing your NFT. However, many risks are still inherent in using a blockchain-powered protocol like this. These risks could result in losing some or all of your digital assets. There could be some bugs or exploits in the smart contracts. If you lose access to your wallet, you will not be able to recover your assets. There are many hacks and scams. Not to mention the NFT and crypto markets are highly volatile. To cover ourselves we're legally obligated to add this disclaimer: THE MEME MINT LEAGUE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. NO PERSON OR ENTITY INVOLVED IN CREATING THIS SERVICE WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS OR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR USE, INABILITY TO USE, OR YOUR INTERACTION WITH OTHER USERS OF, THE THE MEME MINT LEAGUE, INCLUDING ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, PUNITIVE OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, OR LOSS OF PROFITS, CRYPTOCURRENCIES, TOKENS, NFTS, OR ANYTHING ELSE OF VALUE. THE MEME MINT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SUSPEND, REVISE OR TERMINATE THE SERVICE AT ANY TIME AND TO AMEND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FROM TIME TO TIME. IN CASE OF ANY DISPUTES, THE DECISION AND INTERPRETATION BY THE MEME MINT SHALL BE FINAL. YOUR ENROLLMENT IN THIS SERVICE WILL SERVE AS YOUR CONSENT TO AGREE AND ACCEPT ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
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$165 + $15 Open Division



Common & Legendary NFT
Bronze Division

Uncommon & Legendary NFT
Silver Division

Rare & Legendary NFT
Gold Division

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