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Meet The Team

Bahlof (1).png

Founder & CEO

Erik Emmons (Bahlof)

Erik is a meme connoisseur with professional experience in Real Estate, Home Rehabilitation, Corporation Management, and Team Management. Having a passion for learning new skills, he has acquired many technical skills over the years including 3D modeling, video editing, audio production, and smart contract creation. He has been involved in the Web3 space since 2017 and for the love of the memes founded The Meme Mint LLC in 2022. He actively contributes to all aspects of the project as available. He never goes against a promise even when it is bad for him.


2D Artist and Writer

Jimena Bravo (RJBravo)

Jimena Bravo (RJBravo) is a Mexican illustrator who creates in many different mediums. She began doing hand-painted cartoons and pets on T-shirts as well as paintings on wood. She has done several murals in her community as well as other types of hand-painted artwork. She's currently dedicated to digital illustrations and gets most of her work through her website Her hard work at The Meme Mint will be revealed soon!

norbz (1).png

Community Manager

Norberto Buenaventura Rizarri (Norbz)

Norbz is a community manager with exceptional computer literacy and competency. Having the drive for self-growth, Norbz has acquired valuable skills over the years including Discord server creation, community moderation, and project and social media management. He has been involved in the Web3 space since 2020. Driven by a passion for growth, he will continue learning new skills to be able to be as effective and efficient as possible for the project. He believes that taking chances and failing is better than not taking chances at all.


Programmer and Software Developer

Salih (Salihsstr)

Salih is a software developer with advanced knowledge in writing Discord bots, desktop applications, and more. He has also has experience in managing Discord servers and communities. He enjoys learning new things and continues to develop himself. He joined the WEB3 sector in 2020 and has an interest in Play to Earn games and NFT projects. He strives to be as productive as possible for the projects he works on and never leaves anyone halfway.

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