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The GigaChad Coin Collection

Minted 2/23

Secondary Market

Purple Yellow Modern Illustrated Virtual Reality Infographic  (1080 × 1920 px) (3).png



The GigaChad Coin Collection is an extremely limited set of 50 NFTs paying homage to the famous "GigaChad" meme. The Meme Mint and has partnered with photographer Krista Sudmalis (the original photographer of GigaChad) to bring a 3D coin collection with designs referenced from the works of 6 GigaChad images. It's the first collection created by The Meme Mint which will help lay the foundation of the project and pave the way for things to come. Each NFT will be an ERC-721 non-fungible token stored on the Ethereum network.



The GigaChad Coin Collection will be essential to the growth of The Meme Mint. Since all funding prior to the mint has been provided by the founder, the mint will pay back business expenses as well as allow for future development of the project. In addition, a large portion of the mint will go towards the Community Wallet. Funds from the Community Wallet will initially be given back to the community through our custom Discord bot, The Meme Mint League. 

Rendering of GigaChad Coin #4

Attributes of a GigaChad Coin

Each GigaChad Coin is unique and modeled one by one. The NFT is presented as a high quality GIF as demonstrated in the image above. Each NFT is comprised of the following features:

  • 1-4 vote weight

  • 1 in 4 possible metals that determine rarity (tungsten, gold, silver, copper)

  • 1 in 5 possible designs on reverse side

  • 1 in 5 possible mottos on reverse side

  • 1 in 19 possible border inlay colors

  • Access to the exclusive GigaChad character in The Meme Mint League

Ad GIF.gif
Each GigaChad Coin is a unique collector's item

The Meme Mint League


In addition to being a treasured collectable NFT, each GigaChad coin will give it's holder access to The Meme Mint League. The Meme Mint League is an exclusive area on our Discord server where holder's will have a chance to win cash prizes in weekly events. The league is divided into 3 divisions: gold, silver, and bronze. Each NFT will give it's holder a special Discord role with access to it's corresponding division as follows:

Copper or Tungsten metal - Bronze Division

Silver or Tungsten metal - Silver Division

Gold or Tungsten metal - Gold Division

Holders will be automatically assigned their role when they connect their wallet on our official Discord server.

Mint Phases


The GigaChad Coin Collection will be minted in 4 phases in the following order:

  1. 10 will be minted by The Meme Mint with 5 reserved for airdrop to Medallion holders and 5 reserved for promotion/giveaways. (Minted)

  2. Private mint for Goldlisted members

  3. Private mint for Whitelisted members

  4. Public mint

Mystery Coin GIF(400px Hi-rez).gif

Artwork Reveal


The artwork for the NFT is locked until revealed by the team. The reveal date will be announced after the public mint. A placeholder GIF will be visible until the artwork is revealed.​

NFT placeholder artwork

Minting Income Distribution​​

Primary Sale Distribution.png
Secondary Sale Distribution.png

Partnership with Krista Sudmalis


We're excited to have partnered with Krista for The GigaChad Coin Collection. Without her work we wouldn't have GigaChad so 10% of all primary sale income as well as 10% of the secondary sale income will go towards her to help support her work. Distribution will be done via a "split" smart contract that will be setup prior to the mint.

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