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Updated 12/2/22


This is a living roadmap that gets regularly updated as milestones are met. The following color codes are used to indicate status as of last update:


In Progress

Not Started

Q4 2022

  • Public mint of The Meme Mint Medallions

  • Hire Head of Marketing

  • Hire Community Manager

  • Hire Collaboration Manager

  • Begin project collaborations

  • Creation of project marketing strategy and execution

  • Implementation of NFT gated Discord roles on server

  • Creation of DAO space on

Q1 2023

  • Public Mint of The GigaChad Coin Collection

  • Execution of stretch goals met for The GigaChad Coin Collection

  • Implementation of the NFT vote weight mechanic via "strategies" on

  • Implementation of NFT gated Discord roles on server

  • Begin development of next NFT collection with community input

  • Creation of Community Wallet for the project DAO

  • First community vote for project DAO

Q2 2023

TBD based on the mint of The GigaChad Collection​

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